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Wild Card Weekend, TST Style

Free agent review coming later today. I will say there are some key guys out there that could really help the Rams next season.

Right now, here are my quick and irrational picks for this weekend's playoff games.

Kansas City @ Indianapolis
I'm pulling for the Missouri team here, and I don't like Indy much either. On the surface, it seems like this game is tailor made for Larry Johnson to run all over an Indy run defense that makes the Rams run defense look stout.

Dallas @ Seattle

Hmm, who do you think I’m going to pick for this game? Seattle barely had enough to grab the not-so-coveted NFC West title, losing games with Alexander and Hasselbeck in the lineup. Of course Dallas coughed up the NFC East title to the Jeff Garcia-led Eagles with a 1-3 record in their last four that included a 31-39 loss to the hapless Lions. This game, in truth, is pretty hard to call, but I’ll go with Dallas out of my sentiment for the Chickenhawks.

NY Jets @ New England

As much as I’d like to see the Jets advance in the playoffs, I just don’t see how these upstarts get around a New England team, even one that’s not used to playing on Wild Card Weekend. The kohai/sempai aspect of the Eric Mangini and Bill Belichick might turn out to be a bit of a wild card itself. The Jets did beat the Pats in New England this season; can they do it again? I’m playing it safe it calling it for the Pats.

NY Giants @ Philadelphia

Did you see how the Giants played this season? Tom Coughlin got a Saturday night miracle last weekend thanks to Tiki Barber and a week Redskins team. The Eagles look like nothing in the world can stop them right now, not even Jeff Garcia. Of all the games this weekend, the crystal ball is clearest on this one. Philly has it wrapped up by half time.

You can get a lot more information on these games by visiting the SBN sites dedicated to the individual teams, even talk some smack during the game. The links above will take you to the corresponding SBN site. Pay them a visit, and remind them that there’s only one 8-8 NFC team that deserves to be there!