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Haslett to Replace Cowher in Pittsburgh?

Have our prayers been answered? Could the fickle fingered karma khameleon of fate have swung around full circle for the Rams at the end of this season?

The internets is alive with rumors of Haslett being considered as a possible replacement for Pittsburgh Steelers head coach and guy with a giant vein in his forehead (seriously, junkies lick their lips at the site of that guy on the sidelines) named Bill Cowher.

Well, for the definitive word I turned to the Beaver County Times (hehe). Right now, the smart money is on assistant coach/O-line coach Russ Grimm, grim news for Rams fans. oh! hey!

Haslett can barely be considered a dark hourse according to the source for all things Beaver.

Because of their past ties with the Steelers, any or all of these three may get an interview. But their chances of succeeding Cowher don't seem promising ... at least when considering how many other top-notch candidates will be wanting to land one of the NFL's plum job.

Ouch, "top-notch" coaches, is Haslett chopped liver? Come on.

Anybody got a futon in Miami?