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Holt's Knee and a Free Agent to Be

A few minor medical notes at the close of the season. Torry Holt is deciding whether or not to have surgery on his knee. It's thought to be arthroscopic surgery and nothing major. If he elects to have it, which he should IMO to be 100% for next season, he'll miss the Pro Bowl, along with millions of other Americans who have no interest in the Pro Bowl to begin with.

Alex Barron's knee has cartilage problems that will require minor surgery as well.

Unrestricted free agent to be, Kevin Curtis, has hired Kansas City-based Tom Condon as his agent. Curtis played the whole season without representation after firing his old agent. He is by far the highest profile Rams FA, and it would make sense for the Rams to try and resign him in preparation for Bruce's imminent retirement, whenever that happens. Unless of course they need to use that $$ for a FA to staff a decent defensive line for the next season. Curtis may well look elsewhere for the chance to become more of a spotlight, number 1 or 2 WR.

I'm working on a look at the available free agents who could fill prominent holes in the Rams defense. Stay tuned, I should have it up by the end of the day.