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Linehan's People

From high school to the NFL. Now that must have been a nice surprise for Al Roberts, teh Rams' new special teams coach.

No question about it, the Rams special teams were a major liability through most of the season. However, to me, that largely seemed the result of the lack of talent, particularly the lack of a solid return man. Late in the season Willie Ponder improved that spot and Kacyvenski helped shore up special teams defense.

Roberts does have NFL experience, always a plus, and he's worked with Linehan before for a year at the University of Washington. If he can woo the organization into bring in another special teams specialist or two he should be in good shape.

The Rams averaged 21.3 yards per return last season, a number putting them among the lowest tier of NFL teams in that department. Opponents averaged 25.5 yards on returns, the fourth highest total in the league. The new guy's got his work cut out for him.

Related to Rams special teams, former ST coach, Bob Ligashesky, just got hired for the same gig by new Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. Given Linehan's familiarity with Roberts, it kind of makes you wonder if Ligashesky was let go because he knew he had an inside shot at the Steelers job AND because Linehan wanted to install "his" people into his coaching staff, a typical move that I certainly don't take exception to.