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First and Second Chances

By now you've probably heard that potential Rams first round draft pick Amobi Okoye weighed in for the senior bowl at just 287 lbs, on the small side for a DT. I say "just" because he was reported to weigh 317 lbs before the senior bowl. Don't worry about his weight too much; he's just 19 and likely to bulk up ahead of the NFL Combine. At that age, keeping pounds on an athlete's frame is harder than it seems, and he just finished the college football season.

The featherweight DT raised his value at the senior bowl according to many reports. Mike Maycock, NFL Network's draft expert, spoke highly of the teenage prospect. Here's what he said:

"I gave him a second-round grade off tape and he's a kid who could be working himself into the first round. He's really been impressive. His age is an upside for teams. He's 19 and his best football is ahead of him."

Some criticize Okoye because of his age and the potential time involved waiting for him develop; however, I have yet to see a scouting report, no matter what they think of Okoye's playing ability, that doesn't mention what a hard worker and a determined athlete he is, much different than say an Alex Barron. Of course, Jimmy Kennedy has the size...

I still like the Okoye pick, but it does raise another question: Does Jimmy Kennedy deserve another season to prove himself? After reading more about free agent DT to be, Terdell Sands, who spent a long time on the practice squad, I find myself wondering that. He did deal with a broken hand this season, and still managed a career high in tackles with 39. I'm dubious, but certainly willing to give him a shot to compete if the Rams bring in a rookie or a free agent DT.