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Days of Past Present

If you do a Google News search for "St. Louis Rams" right now, you'll be deluged with links to articles about Lovie Smith, often mentioned in each piece as the "former St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator." And that is about all you're going to find Rams related in the news lately...for the most part. Smith made a big contribution to the team during his time here, helping the Rams get back to the Super Bowl in his first season with the team, 2001. I think very highly of Lovie Smith, but I'm still sitting on the fence as far as who to root for in this year's Super Bowl. The Manning factor makes the Colts the media's darling and the odds on favorites to win the game. Do I pull for the Bears as the underdog?

I'll be rooting for the chicken wings.

The Rams garner some ink in the hometown fishwrap as Brian Burwell writes about Marshall Faulk's deliberation on returning to pro football. I wish Marshall nothing but the best, but his playing days are over. He's not likely to significantly help a team if he does come back. For the Steven Jackson-led Rams, Faulk would be a backup and a less then ideal option for the Rams who really need a power guy for that role. Faulk should start looking to the other side of the bench for his return to the game. As one mighty sharp guy with a good eye on the field, he might make one helluva coach.

Torry Holt picks the Colts to win it all, with Peyton Manning being the difference.

Former Rams DE, and current Lions player, Tyoka Jackson is being sued by a Northwest Airlines male flight attendant for allegedly roughing the server. Troubling as it may be, the incident ranks as one of the better plays made by Jackson and the Lions defense this season. No word if the NFL will add it to his 8 total tackles from this season.

And as a happy interlude on your Monday, here's a look back at the top 10 Super Bowl moments. Coming in at #1, is the late game goal line stand, when the 1999 Rams held the Titans out of the end zone on a Mike Jones tackle. It even beat out NippleGate!