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Free Agent Scouting Report: Terdell Sands, DT

Another installment of the free agent scouting report today, and apologies for the lack of posting as our phone and internet service is on the blink while AT&T repairs damage from the ice storm two weeks ago. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, Oakland's DT Terdell Sands might not be as familiar with some readers since he's toiled for a really, really bad Raiders team. Not only did he experience the obscurity of playing for the Raiders, he toiled on the practice squad for some time before being moved up to second string. From there he graduated to his first full season as a starter this year and had 40 tackles and 1 INT to show for it.

Sands is huge, 6'7" 335 lbs, something that makes opposing blockers struggle to take him out of the play and often forces a double team. For more, I asked "Saint" from sister SBNation site Silver and Black Pride, a Raiders blog.

He is a BEAST!!! He graduated from the practice squad and really came into his own in 2006.

He teamed with Burgess and Sapp to put heavy pressure on the QB. His pressure really helped the defense be the #1 pass rated D in the League.

His asking price will be in the 3-4 milayear range because his position is a constant need in today's NFL.

His upside is big and anyone who signs him will be able to pencil him in for years to come. Unfortunately for other teams I think he will stay here in Oakland. Oops, allow me to rephrase that, I HOPE he stays here in Oakland!!!

If the Rams don't draft a DT, or even if they do, Sands would make a great for a defense seeking to improve. Not only would he be part of Haslett's pass rush, opposing rushers would suffer as well when blockers double team Sands and leave the linebackers and the d-backs to attack the runner or even when runners tried to get around him without the double team. I like the idea of signing this guy (or a player from a similar mold) to immediately bolster the Rams defense. A Gilbert Brown to call our own.

Speaking of drafting a DT, Skin Patrol from Hogs Haven posted a dairy seeking Rams fans' thoughts about trading up for Washington's sixth pick in the draft. With the sixth pick, the Rams could very likely draft Michigan DT Alan Branch, by far this draft class' top DT. Of course that would mean losing our second round pick and likely another one on the first day as well. Personally, I think it's a bit risky, but I'd prefer to see this new Rams player development staff get as much talent as they can.