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Icing the Blogger

Brrrrr. Greetings from a place that looks as frigid as Georgia Frontiere and as inhospitable as the inner-reaches of Antartic, except with more power lines and downed trees. I want to send apologize for the lack of updates here at the TST, but we've been sitting in the cold and dark since the third quarter of the Baltimore-Indy game on Saturday. I saw zero football this weekend, and checked in on Sunday with update from Sirius as the Bears-Seahawks went into overtime. I'm at the good old public library right now, and the clock's ticking on my terminal time.

As it's likely that I won't be posting regularly for a few more days, here's the TST ice storm contingency plan. We're going to have TWO open threads, one for the playoffs and one for the future of the Rams.

First, the future. The desire to see some upgrades on defense is universal among Rams fans; however, the approach differs wildly. The debate largely centers around how to use the draft and free agency to address team needs. So I ask you this Rams fans, what should we look for in each talent acquisition venue? Do we go for experience on the D-line and pay lots of cash for a DT? Or should the target be a free agent DE, one to support Little on the pass rush?

For the draft, do we use the 13th overall pick for a DT that might take a year or two to acclimate, if he can adjust at all? There are some out there suggesting the Rams use their high picks to grab a talented WR or even a safety? Is that wise given the needs the team has for the immediate future?

I have my own thoughts on these matters, but I really want to hear diverging opinions on the matter. As individuals we form our own thoughts and make the fallacy of committing to them before seeing what else is out there - it's not unlike the advice I received on marriage as a teenager.

TST contingency plan part 2: the NFL playoffs. I'll give my left...ear to watch the games this Sunday, but I'm not going to hold my breath. For our discussion, let's again use the diary posted by stlcardinalsfang. However, please post additional diaries with your thoughts on the playoffs. I notice LOTS of us thought the Chargers would be in the Super Bowl this year, so our picks are now mostly 50% wrong. I think the Patriots will beat the Colts, and I'm pulling for the Saints to win it all. Chicago can be tough in Chicago, but they have some serious flaws in their game. For the life of me I never imagined the Seahawks taking the Bears to overtime. If you're a Bears fan, you've got to be worried. Oh, there's also that little matter of Reggie Bush being the best athlete in pro sports; he can leap of over defenders with a single bound and he's clearly as fast as one of those speeding bullet things.

Enjoy your week everyone. And if you're stuck in the ice storm with us, solidarity, my friend, solidarity. And please, stay warm.