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Powerless in Chicago

Our NFC West rivals, the Seahawks, are doing what many said couldn't be done, and that's match Chicago in Chicago. I like the style of football the Bears play, and I like to see Lovie win. However, given the, um, boisterous claims made from our visiting Bears fan in the diaries, I'm now hoping the Sea Chickens pull off the upset.

I'm stuck in the great ice storm of Ott Seven here in MO, so I can't promise much in the way of posts for the next couple days. (Our power, internet, and phones are out. I'm typing this from quick stop somewhere else.) So, be sure to talk it up in the comments and in the diaries. And if the Bears lose, make sure our friend Chad knows all about it - all in good fun of course.

Stay safe out there if you're in the midst of this weather. And go anybody but the Bears!