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Welcome Home

Welcome to THE site for all things Rams. I want to say thanks first to the gang at SB Nation for bringing me on, and a huge slap on the back to lboros over at Viva El Birdos for all his kindness.

You know the drill. We're here to talk about the Rams...

However, let's get some administrative stuff out of the way first.

First and foremost, this is a community site, and is only as strong as the contributions made by the readers. CREATE a user account so that you can jump right in. I probably won't leave the anonymous commenting option up for long because the evil spam bots will soon find us. After creating a user account, post a diary, chime in with a comment, get some discussion going. That's what will make this interesting.

As for rules, well, you're all adults (or reasonably close), so just act that way and we don't have to worry about rules. Debate is encouraged, insults are not. Keep it civil.

Sites that we need to link to? Email them to me, and we'll get up on the TST.

Withotu question, I'm forgetting something, so drop us a line if you notice anything.

This is going to be an great season, for the Rams AND our growing little community here.

Oh...and Mike Martz is back in town this weekend...

What a way to start a Rams blog!