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Open Thread - Rams at Minnesota, Week 17 - No Playoffs Edition

Well, that's it. Tiki Barber put aside visions of a supporting role on the Today Show to run for 234 yards and 3 TD, something his fantasy owners probably never knew he was capable of doing.

That's the thing about the playoffs, you don't want your team to get into the situations where their entry to the postseason is determined by what three other teams do. Even if the Giants had lost, the Rams still had to count on Atlanta and Carolina losses.

So it goes. The important thing here is how the Rams finished the season, putting a halt to an awful skid that caused many fans, this one included, frustrated by the Rams seeming lack of comitment and identity, to write them off much earlier than in fact they were to be written off.

That year end swoon will look to continue again today against the Vikings. The Vikings' secondary is among hte worst in the league, and now without the double-ended Fred Smoot. It should be Bulger's game, eventhough it was Steven Jackson's season.

Hey, remember 8-8 is way better than 6-10, and there are some legit signs of life on the Rams now...and reasons to look forward to next season. Next week, we'll start a preliminary look at the Rams offseason needs, review the season that was, and make snarky remarks about the playoffs.

For more on the Vikings, visit SBN's Daily Norseman. And keep checking back in at the TST for can't miss fun!

Happy New Year everyone! Go Rams!