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Let Us Continue to Praise Steven Jackson

Steven Jackson received what should be the first of many MVP awards today, picked by his teammates as the Rams' MVP, also known as the Daniel F. Reeves Award. And after the game he had this Sunday, was there really any other choice? Of course not.

From game to game, Jackson has put up good to great numbers, and as the season progressed his play got better and better with each game, even when the final outcome was something to forget.

Perhaps his most important contribution has been the transformative effect he's had on the Rams' offense. For years, the Rams were seen as a pass first, finesse team. With Jackson lining up behind Bulger the Rams have a much more balanced, multi-dimensional offense. Primarily on the back of Jackson's ability and his emotional leadership - and this award reflects that aspect of his game too - the Rams have been able to salvage what could have easily been a disaster of a season, and they might even make the playoffs to boot!

I'd be surprised if he wins the NFC MVP award, but he should get some pretty serious consideration.

With a better line blocking for him, it's not hard to imagine another 300 yards. Still, the numbers don't lie.

321 carries, 1386 yards, 10 TDs

88 receptions, 782 yards, 2 TDs