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No TV Maks Ram Fans Something Something

Want to see the Rams play this weekend? T.S.

Fox will not be televising the Rams game because it's not a sell out.

Per NFL rule, no Fox affiliate whose signal comes within 75 miles of St. Louis is allowed to televise Sunday's Rams contest. That makes Springfield, Mo., the nearest Fox affiliate allowed to carry the game. The game will not be available to NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers, nor will it be available on satellite feeds, to those in the St. Louis area.

Ouch. Looks like it's Sirius or nuthin'. There will still be football on TV that day, as you gather with family to eat more turkey and eyeball presents.

Other Rams notes

  • Adam Timmerman and Victor Adeyanju will be available to play for the Rams this week. No word from Linehan whether or not he'll start Timmerman in place of the new O-line he praised after the Oakland game. I suspect that Romberg goes back to the bench and Incognito moves back to center to start the game.

  • How much do you really know about Rams punter, Matt Turk?

  • Torry Holt has a blog? That he uses it to regurgitate athlete talking points is not, however, a surprise.

  • Don't forget to check out great game previews from our cyber Redskins' blogs. Here, the Curly R answers our questions about the Skins. And the Skin Patrol, from Hogs Haven, gives us a nice little look at the Skins' offense and defense...which is good 'cause you won't be seeing them on TV this weekend.

  • Go and give an NFC West welcome, whatever that is, to SBN's newest NFL blog, Niners Nation, dedicated to the SF 49ers, obviously.