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Steven Jackson to the Pro Bowl

Big congrats to Steven Jackson on his first ever nod for the Pro Bowl. Through the season, Jackson has run through opposing defenses like they were...well, like they were the Rams' defense. Jackson's third best in the NFC with 1236 rushing yards and averages an awesome 4.3 yards per carry - not bad for a guy playing behind a makeshift line. As far as receiving for a running back, only Reggie Bush has more receptions (85) than Jackson with 82. SJ has posted 680 receiving yards, again behind only Bush in the NFL, and he averages 8.3 yards per catch.

Linehan was blown over with excitement,

I'm always happy for players to be able to be recognized for a job well done.

Just kidding. His reaction is entirely appropriate, if not a little hackneyed.

Congrats to Holt and Bulger for their selection too.

As for Leonard Little, did he deserve a spot? Well, he's been a consistent bright spot on the Rams defense, but it's hard to consider anybody from that unit a true Pro-Bowler. Besides, four players from a 6-8 team might ruffle a few feathers.