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Injury Bugged

The injury bug strikes again!

Adam Timmerman has three cracked ribs, suffered the in forgettable Carolina game. He practiced this week, and intends to play this Sunday with a flak jacket. Timmerman seemed to do okay last week against SF, but with painful cracked ribs and a restrictive flak jacket, I wonder just how compromised he'll be. It stands to reason that he'll lose a little speed off the line, and may be pressed to hold rushers outside the pocket. One option is to put Romberg in there. He's played well in limited duty this season. He could either be inserted at C with Incognito moving over to right gaurd, or given some reps at the right gaurd spot. Of course, with the NFC so bad, the Rams are still, technically, in the mix for a wild card, so there's little tolerance or desire for experiementation. If the line holds - this is the Cardinals - like it did last week, the Rams should be fine.

Isaiah Kacyvenski will sit out this week to recover from his concussion. Probably the best special teams player on the Rams, he sat out last week, and the Rams still had a good day on ST.