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SBN Playoff Preview, Part 2

Is it too early to think Super Bowl?

Well, if you're a Rams fan, then, yes, it probably is too about 3 years. However, the playoffs are shaping up, and for a number of teams in the league thinking about the Super Bowl isn't quite so premature. Today, as promised, we're pleased to bring you the second part of SBN's first look at the playoffs. The subject for this round of discussion is going all the way; that's right all the way to the Super Bowl. Whoa! Hey! Zing!

Surprisingly enough, the gridiron gang (who says we're not topical) from Windy City Gridiron like the Bears' chances.

As far as Grizz and I are concerned it is Chicago, Dallas and a bunch of who cares they ain't gonna win:)

If you're team was 10-2, you'd have to like their Super Bowl chances as well. However, the NFC doesn't get much love after that, with the Chargers getting lots of love in championship predictions.

Here's Dave from the Falcoholic on his Super Bowl vision:

I think the Chargers win the Super Bowl, by virtue of LT, a shutdown D, a capable young QB, and Schottenheimer sacrificing a goat to get rid of his playoff curse.

Jimmy from Music City Miracles, SBN's Titans site, takes the Chargers over the Bears in the world's most heavily marketed sporting event.

Chris from the Daily Norsemen predicts Dallas over the Bears for the NFC and the Chargers winning it all. He explains:

Frankly, if the Bears continue to stick with Rex Grossman, they're one and done again this year, IMO.  You can't play quarterback the way he has for the past 5 or 6 weeks and expect to go anywhere in the post-season.  Your defense and special teams can only bail you out so many times, and I think Rex is well over his quota for the year.  Chicago might have the best record at the moment, but I think Dallas is the most balanced team in the conference. . .and with Seattle getting healthy, they could be a dark horse, too.

In the AFC, I think it comes down to Indianapolis and San Diego.  A defense that can't stop the run worth a darn against a running back that. . .well, to be honest, I'm convinced that LaDanian Tomlinson is a cyborg.  Gotta be.  No normal human can do the things that he's doing this year.

Dave from Blogging the Boys, SBN's Cowboys site, takes the Chargers for the AFC, but gives Dallas, naturally, his vote for the big trophy. Here's how Dave breaks it down:

Of course I'm digging the Cowboys right now. And depending on the matchups in the playoffs, I look forward to watching...sorry Bears and WCG...the  Seattle Seahawks and the Cowboys battle it out for the NFC. I'm not buying Rex Grossman right now, and if Tommie Harris is out, teams may start running on the Bears. Hasselback and Alexander know what it takes to get there.

Over in the AFC - San Diego over the Colts. The Colts hate playing 3-4 defenses and their run defense won't be able to contain LT: The Sequel.

For the biggie, I'm going totally homer because I have a good case to do so, the Cowboys over the Chargers. After the game, Jerry Jones signs Tony Romo to a 137-year contract worth 42 gazillion, trazillion dollars. Romo signs, retires and hires Drew Bledsoe to be his caddie in the PGA.

What about the Colts? Does anyone see them ending their run of regular season success followed by crushing disappointment in the postseason? As a matter of fact, the Colts do get a couple votes for the Big Game.

Brad from SBN's Colts site, Stampede Blue, like the Colts and the Cowboys for the February game.

Colts and Cowboys in the Super Bowl. Yes, I'm a homer. Whatcha gonna do about it!  ;)

Kirkendall from Cincy Jungle leans Colts in the AFC, and predicts them beating the Cowboys in the Super Bowl.

Secondly, I believe the Chargers defense is very vulnerable to the passing game and think Peyton Manning could eat them up alive -- yet, LT could on the Colts run defense I suppose. That'll be a fun game if we see it.

As for myself, I'd have to tentatively give my vote to San Diego over Dallas for the Super Bowl.

Let the discussion begin!