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Tinoisamoa Returns for Week 10

By now, I'm assuming you've heard that Pisa Tinoisamoa will play at Seattle this week. He's in pain and he'll have some kind of funky cast that will make tackling difficult, but he will indeed start.

Tino hasn't started, or played, in the last two games. He hurt his hand in practice on Nov. 1.

I'm not surprised that he's returning, the Rams are desperate and need all the help they can get. Even with a hand partially tied behind his back, his presence in the lineup should help the woeful Rams run defense. It sure as hell couldn't hurt.

Here's Linehan's take:

"First of all, the guy's going to be involved in two-thirds of the runs, whether he's making the tackle, assisting the tackle, or forcing the tackle. But from the other standpoint, he's communicating a lot of the things we're having problems with as far as alignments and calls.

"I can tell you that after practice I saw a big difference in our defense and how they were reacting, responding, and getting lined up with Pisa out there. We've missed his presence in these last two games."

We sure did.