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3 in a Row

Wow, this defense thing just gets worse and worse. Three losses in a row. Big plays and enough little ones are killing the Rams.  The turnovers, however, were the reason the Rams lost this game. Looker's dropped punt return was embarrassing, and the offensive line failed to protect the pass well enough which led to Bulger's turnover. Bad, bad, bad mistakes.

Fans in the house get low marks for support too. For a dome, that place was quiet early in the game. Chris Carpenter got more applause than the Rams did. I realize St. Louis is a baseball town, but supporting your offseason distractions is important too. A more enthusiastic crowd might have helped fire up a Rams team that lacked energy from the opening kick.

More on this debacle later.

Here's how Gordo from the Post Dispatch summed it up:

The Rams knew what was coming . . . and they couldn't do anything about it.

Hey, how about that missed sack that resulted in a Chiefs TD? Travis Fisher needs to go, or at least be reconciled to a backup role. That was embarassing. Jerametrius Butler needs to play, needs to start. He's much better than Fisher.

You can't blame the refs for this game, it was all Rams. Yes, the bad calls hurt, but when you give an opponet 3 turnovers, a whiffed sack, and almost 200 yards on the ground, you're going to lose the game. Don't blame the refs for this one.

The Chiefs lost an All Pro guard in the first quarter, and they still ran all over the Rams.

Now, I'm going to find some sand to stick my head in for a few hours.