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Week 9 - Rams versus Kansas City - OPEN THREAD

With the intrasate rivalry set to kick off this afternoon, now seems like as good a time as any to get the Chiefs' perspective on things. Kind of a getting to know you before we kill you kind of thing.

Chris from Arrowhead Pride, the SB Nation site devoted to the Chiefs, joined me for some Q&A. Head over there to read my answers to his Q&A, and give the Chiefs' fans a little good natured hell during the game.

1. What's different about the Chiefs under Edwards
compared to Dicky V?

Defense. Defense. Defense. Vermeil's offenses were great but without a solid defense we were never going to win the big game.  Under Edwards the defense is more disciplined and can actually win us some games.  We held Denver to 9 points and shut out San Francisco.  As long as we continue to have a solid defense and great running game Herm can get us to the playoffs.

2. Is there really a potential QB controversy between
Huard and Green?

I don't think the coaches have a QB controversy but the fans and the papers are making one.  Chiefs fans remember when Elvis Grbac went down in 1997-1998 and Rich Gannon came in leading us 7-1 down the stretch into the playoffs.  After our first round bye, all the fans wanted Gannon to start the playoffs but Grbac did throwing for less than 150 yards and a pick.  If it weren't for fans remembering that mistake we might not have a QB controversy.  The coaches have to stick with the starter and team leader.

3. What's the mood among KC fans in regards to
postseason hopes?

Very excited.  Our next few games are very winnable and once they get on a run the city will be really excited.  We have the best fans in the NFL and everyone is ready to get back to the playoffs.

4. What are the weaknesses for the Chiefs, in this
game against the Rams and down the stretch?

Consistency.  We have seen two different teams this season.  A team that lost to Pittsburgh 45-7 and a team that beat Seattle.  We've been winning the games we should yet losing the ones we should.

5. What are the Chiefs' strengths, for this game and

Having the best running back in the league helps.  If we can build a lead, we can sit on it by just getting the ball in LJ's hands over 40 times like we did last week. Unlike last year, we are able to count on our defense more and more. The play of Ty Law and Tamba Hali, for example, shows that the Chiefs' defense is legit. No longer do we have to hope to get the ball back on offense to secure a late lead.  

Prediction for the game is 34 to 24, in favor of the Chiefs