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Running for Fun and Profit

It's pretty much "must win" at this point. Week 9 against the Chiefs should be pretty much a straight shoot out, and I've been reluctant to agree with pundits that any of the predicted "shoot outs" would turn out that way. But they all have.

It's also a reflection of me taking a "show me" stance in regards to the Rams defense. They have talented players, not enough to be among the league's elite defenses even when they are all playing at 110%, but it should be enough to keep them in games. Think of it like the post Lovie Smith days in St. Louis, when Mad Mike really earned the moniker.

In a predicted shoot out, I like the Rams. Their offense is truly superior to the Chiefs' ball handlers. The Chiefs defense, however, provides this game with its real wild card. There's the Chiefs defense that let the embarrassing Steelers amass 40+ points, and there's the Chiefs defense that held the Chargers in check, in check enough anyway. Whether Jeckyl or Hyde shows up for that unit could really make the difference.

Here's a look at how others are seeing the game and some other important info around Rams nation.

Battle of the Iron Men on the line. For Adam Timmerman this game marks his 180th consecutive game played. For Chiefs lineman Will Shields, this game is his 216th consecutive game. Snore.

After seeing LaDainian Tomlinson put up what seemed like 300 yards last week against the Rams, the media loves the Larry Johnson is coming to town story. LJ could very well run wild over the Rams defense, but I think that Huard will want to play the passing game a more than necessary, even with Edwards' convservative approach, to either boost his standing with Green reportedly ready to comeback in the market or make the case for the starting job. Just a theory. Here's the AP version of the LJ game preview.

Former Rams linebacker Mike Jones doesn't like to pay his taxes...and the IRS noticed.

While my high school buring down would have been a dream come true, Torry Holt didn't appreciate on quite the same level. His old high school in NC burned down this week. No word on whether burnouts who had never heard of Holt caused the fire while smoking in the bathroom.

CB Travis Fisher left practice with an ankle injury Thursday. He is listed as probable. Damnit. Damnit. Damnit. Tye Hill, time to step it up.

In other bad injury news, this one's especially important to the running game, Pisa Tinoisamoa will dress for the game, and will probably play some too. Dexter Coakley will start in his place. Here's Linehan on the situation:

I don't know how much he'll play. We still have to determine that. We'll probably start Coakley just because of the reps that he's gotten this week (in practice). Pisa will be available, and he's probably more ready to play this week than he was last week."

"More ready" means not good enough. Larry Johnson is reportedly pleased, and his wife or girfriend or whoever it was he beat up last season must be pleased too.

Last but not at all least, that lovely lady is Amy. It pleases TST that the captain of the cheerleading squad is a firey red-headed lassie who enjoy dark chocolate (oh yeah), listening to Nora Jones, and shopping at H&M.