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Blame the Media

Haslett blew up on the media about the Rams' run defense yesterday, saying:

"I'm sick of talking about the friggin' yardage, OK? I pick up the paper every week, and I read about the yardage we've given up. It is what it is. We haven't done well. ... But you know what? We're ninth in the league in pass defense. We've given up four touchdowns in the last three games. I never see you guys write that.

"We're fourth in the league in turnovers; we got three turnovers (Sunday). You don't write that stuff. You always write the negative stuff. Well, write some positive stuff once in a while. Give the guys credit."

I really hate when coaches, politicians, etc. try to play the "you never focus on the positive stuff" card. It's total bullshit. It's hard to focus on the positive when the negative is so glaring and makes the overall situation into a negative. The pass defense is solid, but part of the reason they fare so well is because the run defense is so pathetic that teams, especially teams with young, inexperienced QBs, to risk turnovers by throwing the ball when they can simply run it down the field all day.

Finding the positives is also tough when you're in the midst of a five game losing streak. In the wake of the Rams' win this Sunday against the Niners, the turnovers were often mentioned, btu the run defense still made it a close, one possession game.

It's the pink elephant in the room; it can't be ignored!! Come on Haslett.

By the way, I've turned off anonymous comments. TST flew below the spam bots' radar for awhile, but fame has it's price. We're getting deluged with spam comments now, and disabling the anonymous feature is the only way to nip that in the bud.