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Golden Hill

For a long time the offense shined as the lone bright spot in the Rams' otherwise forgettable mid-season run. Until this week.

Alas, it's no silver lining, but the Post-Dispatch has a nice note about the Rams secondary. Rookie Tye Hill, who started in place of Travis Fisher, spent much of the day covering uber-receiver Steve Smith, and did a pretty good job of it. Smith did put up 90 yards, but 62 of them came on one catch. Still, Smith excels at going up to get the ball while being covered, and Hill took away Delhomme's top receiving threat.

The Rams are 9th in the NFL against the pass. It's a good number, but it's a bit deceiving because if they we're so awful at stopping the run, opponents would pass more against them. Still, it's something, and wasn't it the secondary that was most often pointed to as our weakness coming into the season?