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Thursday Morning Beat Down

It's Thursday morning, your work day is just starting, and like any other chair moistener in that long, flat suburban office complex, YOU, my friend, need something Rams related to read.

Well, doesn't that work out nicely. You need reading material, I need a quick post...I smell links ahead! However, in an effort to make this post somewhat useful, let's take a look at some important Rams news.

Starting cornerback Travis Fisher still feels some tightness in his groin. MRIs uncovered no damage, but others have noticed some tentativeness in his play since coming out of the game against Green Bay. For a team that's become prone to giving up big plays, it bears watching.

Pisa Tinoisamoa practiced yesterday. He has a "better chance" of playing this week than he did last week, and is still officially listed as questionable.

With one of the worst return games in the league, the Rams continue their search for solutions. Ponder this, free agent returner-wide receiver Willie Ponder checked in with the Rams this week, but wasn't signed due to Linehan's concern that Ponder would ad nothing to coverage teams and would not play at WR given the Rams' depth at that position.

Wearing multiple hats is an important plank in the Linehan platform, just ask Jeremetrius Butler. Butler has been sitting on the inactive list all season, largely because the coaching staff feels his coverage ability lacks compared to the current crop of starters and not "physical enough" for run support. He has been, and continues to be, offered the chance to play every week on the special teams units, but his refusal keeps on the inactive list. Can he return kicks? [Hat tip to the Fanhouse for the missing persons report.]