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Open Thread - Rams at Carolina, Week 11

at Panthers

Carolina is a sloppy, sloppy team. They got the win against Tampa Bay last week, but the first half of that game left amny wondering if they would pull it out. They don't run the ball well, averaging just a smidge over 92 yards on the ground per game.

Along with a skill for vomiting on television, Steve Smith and his receiving partner, Keyshawn Johnson, will give the Rams secondary a real test.

The Rams offense faces what is, on paper, one of the league's better defenses. However, this is the same defense that let a Dallas team rack up 25 points in the fourth quarter in week 9, so patient, error-free football from Bulger and Co. could easily put up the points required to win the game.

Should be a good one.

First Half Review
First half, the Rams defense has given the team a chance with the turnovers and keeping CAR to just 10 points, in spite of 145 rushing yards and 116 through the air. It's not the best, but it's a solid performance from the Rams' D. The lack of Pace on the line, however, is really killing the Rams. 5 sacks through the first half, and they've lost almost 100 yards on those sacks. Ouch. If the O line can't tighten things up, it's going to be a long afternoon. Klopfenstein can't block to save his life.