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Wait 'til Next Year...

Props to everyone - even the Seattle fans - for coming by and having a good game time discussion yesterday. I only wish we had something better to talk about it.

First things first. On fourth down and one yard Linehan made a bad, bad call to pass to Klopfenstein in the end zone rather than go for a first down (my vote) or even to kick a field goal. He'll be taking heat for that decision in the chat rooms and elsewhere all week and maybe all season.

At the time, I really thought that the Rams needed a TD. I was convinced that they should have gone for a first down, so I can't easily say that Linehan screwed up by not kicking a field goal, even with 2020 hindsight.

As for going for it on fourth down... Pace was out of the game so He may have had questions about the line's ability to block for Steven Jackson. However, the middle of our line, the centers and gaurds, has been very solid (except for Incognito's stupid penalty). Even without a run through the middle, using a well rehearsed play and going to your reliable threats like Jackson or Bruce or Holt made much more sense.

A first down and they had three more chance to push in the TD.

A painful loss all around, and one that will take the wind out of the sails this season. Wait 'till next year...