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Open Thread - Rams at Seattle, Week 10

at Seahawks

This is it, put up or shut up time. Win today, and the season's redeemed. Lose today, and each game becomes practice for next year.

Here are TST's own Three Steps to Victory!:

  1. Stop the run, for God sakes, stop the run. Seattle o-line isn't as strong as Kansas City's or San Diego's. That will help the Rams front 5 some. Having Pisa back will too, but they'll still need to read the offense well and get lined up right. Related to this, bust through their line and pressure the QB. Take some of the wind out of their passing game.
  2. Play mistake free football on offense. The Rams margin of error for even the slightest false start call is razon thin. Fumbles? Forget about it. This also goes for blocking, don't miss assignments! A sack here and a sack there can be real trouble when you're talking about what could easily come down to a one possession game.
  3. Get the ball to one Tory Holt. 'Nuff said.
Head on over to Field Gulls to give Seattle fans a hard time, if that's your kind of thing, and find out more about Seattle's game plan.

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