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Pre-Preview: Rams at Seattle, week 10

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The Rams come into a truly must-win situation with Seattle just a 3.5 point favorite. If the defense can tighten up just enough to keep themselves from being a liability, then the Rams offense should have a good shot at winning the game, providing of course they play 100% mistake free (I'm looking at you Barron!) football.

Over at CBS Sportsline, their panel of experts breaks for the Rams in their week 10 predictions, save for one guy who probably spent the morning sniffing glue and staring at online pornography until someone in the newsroom reminded him that he needed to make his week 10 picks. Hack.

Seattle's defense, according to Football Outsiders stats, the Seahawks defense ranks near the bottom of the league (second to last in fact) defending against 3 and 4 wide receivers. Spotlight on Kevin Curtis. Curtis, after taking a big hit at the closing whistle, is ready to go this week. Another receiver that could have a big game in Seattle is TE Klopfenstein. Seattle also ranks near the bottom defending against the TE. Klop has had some true rookie moments, looking lost on a pass coming his way against KC last week really stands out, but a few looks in his direction could spread out the Seattle defense enough to get the ball in Holt's hands.

Word is that the newly signed third RB, KJ Russell, won't return kicks. I'm dubious. Obviously, I didn't see the guy in practice, but he at least deserves a shot, could he really do any worse?

Back with the Power Rankings Rundown a little later.