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Red Zone Blues

The Rams defense came through when they had to, but they have to step up the run defense in the coming weeks. Still, it wasn't pretty, and they did little to pressure the easily pressured Brett Farve.

Turnovers were once again the difference maker, as the Rams used those opportunities to score points and keep Green Bay off the board at key moments in the game. It'll take at least that, and airtight play on both sides of the ball next week when the Seahawks come to town.

The Rams were better in the Red Zone in Week 4 against the Lions, but it was back to the same ol' this week. Three times inside the Green Bay 10 yard line, and they came away with nothing more than a FG. Just one more touch down on one of those trips and the Packers would have been iced for they day. Weigh in here. What's your take on this situation? Why, after executing brilliantly on the 1st half TDs to Holt and Curtis did the Rams offense fail to score another TD? Green Bay's defense played much better than they did in Philly the week before, but they still weren't exactly the Bears D.

A couple penalties hurt them, but I was more shocked that Steven Jackson couldn't punch it in inside the 10. Part of it could be that Pace isn't back to 100% and got worn down as the game went on, remember the second half is where the red zone struggles really hit them.

Let's hear it from you Rams fans. What's the diagnosis here? And how do they fix it before this Sunday?