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Week 5 - Rams (3-1) at Green Bay (1-3) - PREVIEW

Take a look at the Rams schedule. Do it now.

The Golden Horned Ones have a really tough stretch coming up after this week's tilt against Green Bay.

Week 6 - vs. Seattle
Week 7 - BYE
Week 8 - @ San Diego
Week 9 - vs. Kansas City
Week 10 - at Seattle
Week 11 - at Carolina

That ain't an easy stretch folks, and makes this week's game against the Packers even more important if the Rams want to sneak into the postseason. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves; let's stay focused on this week's game against the Packers.

Keys to victory:

  1. Make a pass The Packers pass defense is second worst in the league, giving opponents 292 yards per game, just about three more than the, get ready for this, Houston Texicans. In terms of yards per game, the Rams have the 8th best total in the league with 241 YPG. With Bulger and his air force playing like they're capable of, it's safe to expect the Rams to exploit  the GB secondary.
  2. That Fav-are-a Guy The Ram's secondary has been effective, middle of the pack, and Green Bay has relied on Farve's arm more than anything to score points. Donald Driver may well sit out this game, and at the very least not be at 100% for it. This plays to the Rams' favor, giving them some help in taking away Green Bay's air attack, which is just about their only means of scoring.  (They average just 81 yards per game on the ground.)
  3. Special Needs Well, give Linehan and the front office credit, the special teams got burned bad against Detroit, and they made a smart move to improve it by signing Kacyvenski. Not giving Green Bay the kind of field position where Favre's arm can make announcers swoon over him some more will be key.
  4. SJ, more SJ I think I speak for all Rams fans when I say give us more Steven Jackson. Jackson's exciting as hell to watch, as exciting as Marshall Faulk used to be back in the day. He leads all NFL running backs in total yards. What else do you want to know about the guy?
Bulger looked fine without Pace blocking on the left side last week, but a healthy Pace only gives the QB more time to work in the pocket, as well as block for some Steven Jackson running. He practiced in a limited capacity on Thursday, but all indications have him more on the questionable as opposed to the not-as-questionable side of the injury report.

Fantasy players of the game:
Come on, this should be easy. Anyone who can catch a ball. Look for the Isaac Bruce to put up some good numbers as Green Bay's fine secondary spends their finite talent covering Holt.

The Rams have realaly underutilized their tight ends this season, but a GB defense could make Klopfenstein useful catching passing over the middle.

Let's also give a big cheer and wish the Cards well this weekend.