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Halloween Time Killer

Of course the afternoon's dragging on and on and on and on and on, and so on. What do you expect? We've got to jet outta here and get our costume ready - how do you put on one of these banana hammocks anyway? - for a grand Halloween Ball, so here's a few items to consume, digest, and, well, you know...

Linehan says Tinoisamoa should be ready to go for this week's upcoming tit-for-tat (he he) with that other team from the stranger, more sprawling side of the state.

"Our challenge now is to find the solution to the protection of that (broken) hand now, something that will work. We haven't come up with a good enough solution for him to feel 100 percent comfortable. Hopefully this week, with the swelling going down and less pain, will be a big factor."

His readiness partially depends on finding a suitable cast thingy. Sheeesh.

Bench Glover? Cut Kennedy? This guy seems to think so. Besides anyone responsible for run blocking, is there anyone else on the team in need of some tough love?

After having a chemically assisted, career day against the Rams, Shwane Merriman and the brilliant legal minds behind him, have decided to drop their suspension appeal. So soon?

Behold Tuesday Morning Quarterback!

Happy Halloween! Be sure to check your children's candy for illegal substances that are banned by the NFL!