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All Run, No Fun

Okay, reality check. Our defense isn't very good. Wait. That's not the best way to put it. Let's try this, our defense isn't good enough to play against the league's best teams.

Right out of the gate, the Rams let Rivers connect with Gates to set up a first and goal that set up LT's first touchdown of the day - first of three. And right there, you started to get that sinking feeling in your gut, not from too many wings, not from too many Bud Selects, but that sinking feeling that only comes from the knowledge that your team is going to lose this game. Fortunately, the Cardinals' World Series parade provided enough of a distraction to take our minds off the game...thank God something did.

Not having LB Tinoisamoa really hurt the run defense, but let's face it, the way the whole defense was playing, it would might not have made much of a difference. The Rams have the talent on defense to at least limit the damage from the running game. That was obvious as they stopped LT for short, insignificant gains on a number of downs, but then, they'd be out of position, way out of position, and the Chargers running back would turn it on for 20, 30, 40, and 50 yard runs. Absurd. Haslett gets some blame for this, as defensive play calling made a difference. Obviously undersized and underskilled on the front defensive line, it seemed like Haslett used more blitzing to try and make up for it. It just didn't work yesterday though, as the explosioveness of LT effectively got around the blitzers and into the open field to face the questionable secondary. The Chargers running game averaged more than 6 yards a carry, 6 yards! That's worse than Arizona, and simply unacceptable. Needless to say, if Haslett doesn't make some adjustments, Larry Johnson will make his fantasy owners very, very happy (again) next week when the Chiefs visit the Ed.

On the other side of tha ball the Rams were, mostly, impressive. With Holt in check, Bruce was there for Bulger to pass to. The running game was effective as well, as SJ picked up 100+ yards and scored. The O line was much improved over the Seattle game. A couple of key sacks hurt the Rams, but those came from a bad full back block and a trick play that they obviously didn't practice enough. Does anyone else care whether or not Steven Davis ever carries the ball again?

The Rams still need to find a kick returner.

New feature at TST, game awards!!!!

MVP: LaDainian Tomlinson. What did you expect, the guy had 183 yards rushing, three TDs, and some receiving yards to boot.

Turf Burner of the Day: The Rams defense. Terrible, just terrible, Tomlinson even made Witherspoon look like a rookie a couple times yesterday. Awful, awful, awful!

The Rams have some work to do before week 9 against the Chiefs.