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Mid Week Blues

Well, hopefully the hangover from a touchdown trading marathon hasn't driven you away from the TST...that and a general lack of attention from the site's editor a jerk named your truly.

On the field and in the locker room, excuses have no place, so I won't offer you one today. I just moved and will have regular internet access (who knew how empty life was without it) starting Thursday. So all the stuff you've yet to come to expect from the TST will be back before the Rams get their chance to move to 4-1 on the season against the declining Packers next weekend.

As for Week 4, well, it sure was good to see the offense we expected all season. When the Lions, Mike Martz, and Kevin Jones put up almost 100 rushing yards and 2 TDs, it's safe to say that the Rams run defense wasn't the best it could have been. Still, they have a good chance to fine tune it against the Packers this week. Lost in the shuffle of classic Bulger/Holt/Bruce performances was the continued dominance of Steven Jackson, who might be the best young running back in the NFL right now. Seriously, that's not hubris. Ronnie Brown's great too, but not so great that he can't overcome the bad O around him. Jackson was a huge factor in making us forget all about the absence of Orlando Pace, giving the Rams a legit run threat that wouldn't allow the Lions D to focus exclusively on Bulger's Air Force.

As for this week, the Packers secondary, if you saw Monday's game, is awful, so bad that top NCAA Division 1AA teams might be able to put up 20 points on them. That should be the key for Bulger and the Rams.

In the interim, it would be a great time to post a diary. This is a community site, and we can get all sorts of Rams-related discussions going on here.

Until then, I'll be seein' you. Take 'er easy.