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Linkin' Parked

Here's some light reading for a rainy Thursday night without a World Series game to watch, maybe.

Fans of the other Missouri based NFL team is positively giddy at the prospects of welcoming fill-in Seahawks QB Seneca Wallace to Arrowhead this Sunday. Chris at Arrowhead Pride made it the "Joke of the Week."

As of today, it looks like Chargers' LB Shawne Merriman will be in the lineup for Sunday's game against the Rams while his suspension for failing a steroid test is being appealed. Merriman has 27 tackles (23 solo) and 5.5 sacks this season.

The marquee battle for the Rams - Chargers game this week won't be the two of the league's best running backs facing each other, it will be Chargers TE Antonio Gates versus Witherspoon and Tinoisamoa, the Rams' superstar linebackers. In his picks for the Sporting News, Vinnie Iyer sees a toss up, but notes that the Rams won't be able to stop Gates. Does he not know that the Rams are tops in the league when it comes to defending against the TE? Witherspoon, Tinoisamoa, this is your week to shine.

The Falcons, as much as I hate to admit it, look like they have a good shot at the playoffs, certainly for a wild card berth. This has implications for the Rams by crowding the field of contenders looking to play this January. The Falcons play the Bengals this week, and a Bengals win can only benefit the Rams shot at a WC should Seattle prove resilient enough to overcome their spate of injuries. The Falcoholic has the rundown on that game.

Do you care if the Rams are rooting for the Cardinals in the World Series? I didn't think so, but if that kind of thing revs your motor, the Post-Dispatch has a fine peice of puffy, crossover journalism running down the loyalties of individual Rams players.

With seven receptions on the season, Klopfenstein doesn't have enough to be officially included in the NFL stats leader boards. That's got to change for the Rams to create a really well balanced offensive attack and put all that red zone nastiness behind us. The PD notes today that Linehan et al are gaining confidence in the Klop. Here's what the coach said,

We've asked him to do a lot of things that you wouldn't really even ask a second- or third-year player, as far as being in there on third-down protections a lot. He's had some mistakes, but I think the pluses have highly outweighed those, especially for a young player.

Alright, now let's see him catch a few passes in San Diego to show Manumaleuna why we didn't need him anymore.

This is best Romo/Bledsoe comparison going right now.