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No Rams Sunday - Week 7 Open Thread

Uh, so, like no Rams game today. Not to worry. There's plenty to do on a blustery Missouri day.

Here's the TST week 7 rooting guide.

Vikings - Besides their ability to have swell team parties on a boat, we're cheering for them to beat the Seahawks and get enough steam going to maybe beat the Bears.

Tampa Bay - Somebody please expose the Eagles, and implode that division in on itself.

Giants/Cowboys - No matter who wins this one, we all lose.

The entire NFC is pretty much on a bye this week, so you can selfishly focus on your fantasy team too. SB Nation fantasy site, Fake Teams, can help get you prepped and ready for today. Check out Eric's breakdown of the Vikings/Seahawks game.

Have a great Sunday.