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Bye Week Reading

The Rams signed free agent DE Tony Bryant this week. Bryant is expected to replace Anthony Hargrove after his hasty exile to snowy hills of Buffalo, NY in the heart of the Rust Belt. Signed by Haslett for New Orleans in December 2003, Bryant played there until being released after training camp this year. Bryant wasn't a starter for the Saints, and likely won't be for the Rams either. However, his experience with Haslett's system and decent physical condition insure that he'll see snaps with the Rams defense right away. Nothing terribly exciting, but not a bad signing, I suppose. Linehan and the new regime seem to be doing a good job creating and using platoons for various positions on the defense and special teams. Now, if they can just find a solid return man...

The Rams are off till Sunday with the bye week this week. We'll find something to fill space, pass time, etc.

Turning to upcoming games, you could have a pretty good debate about whether the Chargers or the Bears represent the toughest opponents on the schedule. I'd probably say the Bears, but with Chicago strong safety Mike Brown now on IR, Bulger and the Rams air attack are getting a break, at least a small one.

Fakhir Brown is listed as questionable for the week 8 San Diego game. Get well soon, little Fakhir.

If you're looking for a little reading to pass the time during the Rams' bye week, maybe you can call your literary agent and get your hands on a copy of OJ's upcoming book, a fictional account of the murder of his wife and that guy that was with her as told through the eyes of OJ, the eyes of OJ as if he were the killer. Huh. Shouldn't be too much of a stretch, when I started out as a writer they always told us to write about what you know. So, you know, whereas I regurgitated a lot of Penthouse letters and recounted blacking out at the Buckhorn, OJ can write about, uh, stabbing people multiple times and having your personal friends get Norm MacDonald fired from Saturday Night Live for making cracks about you.

Oh,  by the way, anyone know what J Bulter's status is? I couldn't find him on any of the injury reports, and noticed he hasn't played in the last couple games.