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Even Squares Love an Upset

The Rams seemed to have found a high profile believer, well, as high profile as being the National Editor at gets, in Vic Carucci. In his Burning Questions for Week 6 column, a column drenched in excitement from the first word of it's catchy headline, Carucci is asked the question (asked by himself) of whether or not the "surging" Rams can upset the Seahawks in a "key" game. [note to self, stop using the word "key" so much]

"Yes," Carucci responds, so emphatically in fact that he uses the word as its own sentence and even its own paragraph. Powerful, powerful stuff.

Carucci's reasons are these:

Alexander is out, and starting Mo Morris takes something away from the Seahawks running game. And, apparently after missing the Rams donating a 100 yard game to someone named Noah - somebody not Amish named Noah too - Carucci believes the Rams can limit the run and force Seattle into their thus far suffering passing game.

Now, all sarcasm aside, the suit makes a good case, without even reminding readers that Seattle's offensive line is nowhere near the level it was last year. Haslett's attacking defense can then add to Hasselbeck's frustration this season.

He also likes the Rams running game, with guards Steussie and Timmerman blocking the Seahawks' defensive tackles and leaving Incognito to block Seattle MLB Lofa "my lumbar" Tatupu.

As a rule, I don't trust guys in suits with haircuts like that, with 90 degree angles in four corners, dudes like that are square - remember the nice kid you were friends with in the dorms who wouldn't talk to you anymore once you discovered your inante love for alcohol and drugs? Exactly. Anyway, square or narc or whatever, the man's a card-carrying football pundit, and he, quite logically, sees the Rams as a team highly capable of an upset, and thusly, a team capable of making a nice run at the playoffs this season. Let's echo his thoughts with out own emphatic statement.