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Running with Steven Jackson and More

In being awed with Steven Jackson this season, it never struck me that he could be part of the problem on short yardage situations, like 3rd and 1, goal line, etc. He does seem to shuffle an awful lot before he gets going, and tries to use a little more finesse than is probably required in situations where a back needs to lower his shoulder and fight his way to a first down.

I thought Davis might be helpful in those situations, it really became his specialty in Carolina, when he wasn't injured. Of course, some more calls for plays running the ball up the middle and fewer short outs with Holt as the main target would help too.

Here's a quick look at this morning's news.

Free agent Qasim Mitchell worked out for the Rams yesterday. No signing as of yet.
TST analysis: Mitchell started 16 games for the Bears during that time, and if you'll recall, they had a decent running game - it was their only game on that side of the ball back then. Another solid player for O line couldn't hurt. With injuries having occured up front already this season, another tested veteran - if he's in shape - would provide some needed depth should another regular go down.

Pundit Watch
SI's Don Banks calls the Rams 4-1 record "soft," and notes that in spite of the pleasant surprise, they'll wind up 9-7 and just outside of the NFC wild card. It's a fair analysis. Banks' assessment that December games against the Redskins and the Vikings could prove formidable is my biggest issue with the piece in question. The Skins' defense might be one of the biggest busts in the league, right up there with the Vikings offense. A win this week would go along way to changing expectations.

Charles Robinson at Yahoo! Sports puts the Rams just outside of his top twelve ranked teams, slapping them with the "rising" tag. Tye Hill gets some kind words from the Yahoo! writer:

Cornerback Tye Hill got torched on a couple of plays by Brett Favre, but he's got the potential to succeed. He still looks like he's destined to be a No. 2.

Former Ram and troubled ex-Cornhusker Lawrence Phillips was convicted Tuesday for assualt with a deadly weapon. He drove his car at three men, ney, teenagers after losing a pickup football game. Now we understand losing a pickup football game for a former college standout must be particularly painful, but there's got to be a better way to salvage what little pride you might have left than ramming them with a car. May TST suggest: 1) calling their mothers fat or sluttly; 2) Get your "Goose on" and grab a hatchet; 3) ram the losers you got stuck with on your pickup football team, because their poor play is what cost you the game, everybody knows that.

Back at you later, watch for moving vehicles in the meantime.