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NFL Playoffs: Say bye-bye to the Packers, Saints, Texans and Tebows/Broncos

Hot player of the week The conference title games look even; Packers fall apart; Ravens get lucky; Tebow still stinks; Alex Smith shines;...

NFL divisional playoff picks: One underdog will win

I had a friend in town last weekend, so for the first time ever I did not watch any playoff games live. Hence, there was no recap. Outside of the Broncos-Steelers thriller, though, I didn't miss a...

Tim Tebow, Tom Brady together at last

I saw this on someone's Facebook page and thought it was funny with the Broncos and Patriots meeting this weekend:

Dear God: Please choose the Patriots to beat the Broncos this Sunday

Dear God, I know you’ll be kicking back in your big pearly throne this Sunday afternoon to watch the New England Patriots take on the Denver Broncos. And who can blame you? Sure, there’s...

NFL Week 14: God must be a Denver Tebows fan, but He hates the Cowboys

The Broncos win again in bizarre fashion; the Cowboys lose again bizarre fashion; Packers closing in on perfection; four wild endings; hot player of the week. How I saw Week 14 of the NFL: This is...

Tom Brady is the biggest reason the New England Patriots are slumping

All the talking heads on TV and radio can say about the New England Patriots’ current skid is how bad the defense looks and how Bill Belichick has lost his touch. The chorus repeats the mantra:...

Tom Brady sports a ponytail

Normally, the hair styles of NFL quarterbacks are no big deal, but when you are married to a superstar model and start to look more like Justin Bieber than a jock, fans take notice. Such is the...

GQ's 25 coolest athletes ever includes Tom Brady, Joe Namath and Bo Jackson

Publications create lists to generate the "who's on and who's off" buzz. Gentleman Quarterly's list of the 25 coolest athletes of all time shouldn't disappoint. For starters, they only considered...

Jets add fuel to Patriots rivalry

New York Jets defensive back Antonio Cromartie laid into Patriots quarterback Tom Brady this week, calling Brady an "asshole" and answering "fuck him" to a question posted by the New York Daily...

Tom Brady hate Jets, feeling is mutual

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady hates the New York Jets and refuses to watch them on HBO's "Hard Knocks" series. That's fine with Jets coach Rex Ryan, who doesn't like Brady and hate the...

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