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NFL and CTE: Pete Prisco Swings and Misses


I respect Pete Prisco, the veteran reporter for CBS Sports. He works hard at his job, and never veers away from a controversial issue. This morning, I read a piece by Pete over at CBS Sports.com....

St. Louis Rams: Shiny and New, Jeff Fisher's Ready


The St. Louis Rams' Jeff Fisher has to be a happy man. I'm talking about the kind of happy that's just shy of the giddiness a person feels after taking a once vaunted car from the junkyard, and...

"CTE" - Understanding the Disease, and Its Myths


Gaining perspective isn't easy, especially when someone is on the outside of a subject looking in. So much of what and how we decide on different things is based on information gained at arms reach...

St. Louis Rams - This is the time to learn...


The comment threads during games are both entertaining, and a chance to expose a fan's angst for their favorite team. The NFL preseason game between the St. Louis Rams and Cleveland Browns was...

NFL: Forecasting the Final Standing for 2013


As the NFL season approaches, I turn to my Acme Crystal Ball to find out how the final standing may look. Did I say "MAY?" What stuff and nonsense! I bought crystal ball insurance, for a mere...

NFL #3 Wide Receivers: It's A Tough Road


The greatest team sport in the world is football. It's players have to be in sync on every play to win, in this muscle bound, scarred helmet ballet. Some players rise to fame, garnering notice...

NFC West - "There's battle lines being drawn..."


First, hit the video link. It's sound only, but it will help set the mood. Some of you will be able to read this article while the song is playing. DC might have to hit re-play twelve or thirteen...

All-NFL: Top 10 Linebackers


Did you know "The Tranformers" mechanized movie characters are based on NFL linebackers? No? Well if they aren't, they should be. They hit opponents with a speed and violence like no one else in...

The NFC West - Don't Look Now, But...


The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks are missing something, as they spatter challenges at each other heading into the 2013 NFL season. In the powerful NFC West, there are two other teams...

Janoris Jenkins in 2013: Adjustments


Janoris Jenkins showed flashes of why many NFL scouts thought he was the top corner back in the 2012 NFL Draft. He also had his rookie moments.

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