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If you want something hysterical to read, have a look at this!


I found this over at The Phinsider, the Miami Dolphins' SBNation site. I always wondered what elite quarterbacks chatted about on Facebook... Well not really, but this made me laugh.

Broncos on the Bubble


Some tough decisions lie ahead, some of those cut will be new and expected while others will be familiar and a shock to many. A quick breakdown of some of those Denver Broncos on the bubble.

It's Raining Touchdowns In Denver!!


Enjoy this entertaining clip about an excited Broncos fans' outlook on this upcoming season!!

Training Camp 2012 Early Impressions


Who has the hardest hit so far? What receivers are a stretch to make the team? What player got yelled at the most? Who is shining and who is not? Some early impressions after a few days of camp.

The Hope Of Opening Day


So much hope for the Denver Broncos the first day of camp. Here are a few of mine. Let the games begin!

Sunshine, hard work, and good times during Broncos first day of OTAs


The weather was great, the intensity high, and the attitudes positive. A great start to OTAs after a high impact workout. Good to have football again in Denver.

Peyton Manning will make Broncos Super Bowl Contenters


The very cute and sports minded Genna G becomes the latest Bronco Planet blogger. See what she had to say about our new QB and why the Broncos are now Super Bowl Contenders.

This should make anyone who has qualms about our schedule feel better


The article was written in September 2011, so Peyton was still trying to rehab his neck. The facinating thing for me is that they broke down how many wins Peyton Manning is worth to a team. The reseach is in the link, but the bottom line? This site's analysis shows Manning will turn an 8 win team (an average team) into an 11-12 win team. Anyone remember how many games we won last year?

Peyton Manning and George Strait "Music to my ears"


John Elway went old school by snagging Peyton Manning. Why this should be music to the ears of all Broncos fans. Looking forward to the sweet sound of winning championships again.

Elway gambles big and wins big, so do the Broncos


Great news for Broncos fans but much to be thankful for including the great 2011 that Tim Tebow gave the Denver Broncos and their fans. Elway was hired to make tough decisions not emotional decisions. I am a Tebow fan for life but making Peyton Manning the Broncos starting QB is the right decision.

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