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Cosell: Thomas more pro-ready than Cam Newton was


Greg Cosell of NFL Films makes his case for Logan Thomas.

Better prospect: Jeremiah Attaochu or Dee Ford?

Greg Cosell of NFL Films claims Jeremiah Attaochu is a better draft prospect than Dee Ford.

Greg Cosell On Manziel, Bridgewater, Bortles


Noted draft pundit and film guru Greg Cosell has gone on record with his opinions for the three biggest quarterback prospects of 2014. Johnny Manziel fans may want to avert their eyes.


Why Johnny Manziel Isn't An Option For The Texans

One Texans fan weighs in with why Johnny Manziel shouldn't be a real consideration for the Texans with the first pick of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Cosell Ranks A.J. Green as 5th Best Receiver


"A.J. Green at No 5. He’s almost 6-foot-4 and 211 pounds. He does not look that big on film. He has elements of Randy Moss as a vertical receiver, with his long fluid stride, his excellent body control and leaping ability, and his soft hands. Green, much like Andre Johnson, moves like a smaller man. But he’s a smoother, more elegant athlete, a glider with deceptive separation and acceleration. His ease of movement belies his explosiveness. This year marks is his first real NFL offseason, and I would expect Green to improve significantly, particularly at the small details of the position, like beating press coverage. There’s no question Green has an elite skill set with his combination of size, movement and hands. So it’s no surprise that he’s already in the conversation regarding the league’s top wide receivers." --Greg Cosell

Jay Cutler is a top 10 QB


Is Jay Cutler a top 10 QB? Greg Cosell believes he is.

The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Greg Cosell on the NFC East Draft

Now, it's time to turn our attention to the NFC East. First, we discussed two recent posts by Greg on the must-read NFL Films blog: One on the "winnability" of certain modern quarterbacks, and another on whether the Dallas Cowboys' window has closed (whatever that means). From there, it was a natural progression to talk about what the Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Redskins did in the draft to upgrade their rosters. Greg also reveals some details on a VERY interesting project he's doing with Ron Jaworski.

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Greg Cosell Breaks Out The Cow Bells


Reacting to Greg Cosell's 2012 NFL Mock Draft.

Mark Ingram: Foundation Back


ChrisWesseling Chris Wesseling Greg Cosell: I LOVE Mark Ingram, more so than I did when he came out ... He can be a true foundation back; Saints don't run that kind of O. ChrisWesseling Chris Wesseling Cosell: "The only thing holding Ingram back is Sean Payton." Last week, Payton: "Only thing keeping Ingram from Rookie of the Year is me." Him living out his fantasies via Drew BREEESSS!!!

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