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NFL Draft: Figuring Out The "Boom or Bust" Factor


"Let see... Your resume says you had 124 catches, 1,432 receiving yards, and 14 touchdowns... You played Division 9A NCAA football? Is there even a Division 9A? It also says you can bench press 225...

"LIVE" Mock Draft: Round 4 - 2.0


If the 2013 "LIVE" Mock Draft were given a name, it would be "Trade Down".

Turf Show Times "LIVE" Mock Draft: Round 1 - 3.0


This time, you'll get a chance to know Cole Muzio. We have a whole slew of draft analysts, so make sure to pan through the comment threads, or in the Twitter-verse, to see what they think of the...

MtD - Turf Show Times "LIVE" Mock Draft - Round 1


Start Time is 2pm Eastern Time - Rounds 1 through 3 today, 4 to 7 on Sunday

2013 MtD LIVE Mock Draft: Sign In and Trades


The ground has been rumbling for days. The stampede has begun toward the biggest LIVE Mock Draft of the year.

Will the New Tackling Rules Change the NFL Draft?


Big hitting safeties who layout receivers... Are hard hitting linebackers like James Harrison a dying breed who'll have trouble finding work because of new "crown of helmet" tackling rules?

2013 NFL Draft: Aaron Dobson Is Worth A Hard Look


It's been said I'm not all that in tune with college football talent... OK, you got me there. I'm the first to admit I travel a bit behind on the learning curve this time of year as we head toward...


NFL Combine: Winners and Losers

Hello again, TST! I'm back! I covered the Combine for Music City Miracles and decided to share my recap with the good folks of TST. Here it is: After a week of fun that featured 333 prospects that...


2013 NFL Draft: Scarcest Player Available

We’ve all heard of the drafting the Best Player Available, especially in the early rounds of the draft. But what if a particular position was loaded with BPA’s? Does it make sense for teams to...

St. Louis Rams: Would This Pick at #16 Shock You?


"Defense! Defense!" The real men shout. "What about the offense?", I reply. "Offense is for nancy-boys, who breast feed and wet their beds until they turned sixteen. Defense is what puts the...

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