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If you want something hysterical to read, have a look at this!


I found this over at The Phinsider, the Miami Dolphins' SBNation site. I always wondered what elite quarterbacks chatted about on Facebook... Well not really, but this made me laugh.

Eli thinks Payton is better...


Didn't see this little tidbit posted. Regardless of who you think is better, Archie and Olivia did a great job, IMHO.

Eli officially "great"


This is an interesting article about the cost of ATL's Julio Jones trade and the role of wide receivers on any team. But the thing that struck me the most is in their brief description of Victor Cruz, the writer admits that Cruz is "productive because he's paired with a great quarterback." This is the first time I remember seeing any 3rd party editorial call Eli "great" in some sort of matter-of-fact way like it's finally become common knowledge. Just more validation. Eli is not only "great," he's "Eli-te".

Eli Manning gets his face cut open


Whether you're in the "nobody wants to see that" or the "F the Giants" camp, you'll want to take note of this hit. (video) Eli bumps into Brandon Jacobs, then gets blind sided, then gets his face cut open in a preseason game. At Big Blue View, scroll down to the 8:57 mark to see the horrified reactions of Giants fans. (Actually some of them kind of liked it). I can't imagine our reaction if this happened to Kolb. Discuss.

Eli and the Giants in trouble?


Apparently, Eli has an injury that could potentially sideline him for the rest of the year.

Eli's new foot condition


story on Eli's new foot condition

Eli Manning Contract Context


There's been a lot of discussion about the validity of Eli's new contract. Here's a good article from the FO guys putting his contract into context. Helps to show that Eli's contract is not necessarily the record-setting deal that people have made it out to be, but is in fact inferior in a number of respects to a number of deals other QBs in the league have gotten (i.e. Brady's 6.625 mil/yr guaranteed). Doesn't necessarily justify his contract, but it certainly makes it seem a whole lot more reasonable.

2009 Schedule


Take a look at the 2009 schedule. We've got Dallas, the G-men, Farve's (assuming he comes back) Jets, and (further injury issues not withstanding) Tom Brady's Patriots. Ryan, a sophomore QB, will be facing #4, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, and Tony Romo, all "cornerstone" QBs of the current NFL. Plus we've got dates with three resurgent teams, Miami, Washington, and Buffalo. Brutal.

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