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Big Blue Shoe and Turf Show Times link up


The link above takes you to the most recent episode of Turf Show Radio, our radio show for the Turf Show Times, SBN's St. Louis Rams site. Big Blue Shoe called in around the 20-minute mark (you can jump through by clicking the marker), and we yakked about his tête-à-tête with Bob Kravitz.

Kyle Gets Contrary: Should Bloggers Be More Like Newspaper Columnists?


Bob Kravitz recently called out an SB Nation blogger for using a pseudonym. At Dawg Sports, Kyle gets contrary by agreeing with the mainstream media.

The hostility of the old guard


3k's retort to the recent battle between Big Blue Shoe of Stampede Blue and Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star.

Banter topics, some of which are related to KU sports


Just some random banter topics to give us things to talk about.   Crimson and Cream Machine published a story about the greatest KU alumni to play in the NFL.  He thinks John Riggins has an edge...

Talking points: fake names and blurred lines in media


A quick round up of the day's news for Tennessee Volunteer fans, including a discussion of blurred lines and using fake names in new media.

Does My Real Name Matter To You?


Does it really matter whether I use my real name when I'm posting articles about the Nebraska Cornhuskers? Or does the content speak for itself?

Stampede Blue's BigBlueShoe debates with ESPN 1070 Radio Host Bob Kravitz

Stampede Blue was called out by Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz in a Friday, May 15th column. In the article, Kravitz called Stampede Blue writer BigBlueShoe a "weenie" and a "pansy" for blogging under a pseudonym. BigBlueShoe went on Kravitz's ESPN Radio show later in the day and debated with Kravitz on the topic of blogger accountability.

A final word on Bob Kravitz's hatred of blogs


Stampede Blue offers a final opinion on Bob Kravitz and the day that was "Blogger Rage Day."

Bob Kravitz hearts Stampede Blue, calls me and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban "weenies"


Stampede Blue responds to the Indianapolis Star's Bob Kravitz calling him a "weenie."

Bob Kravitz does it again...


Bobby boy seems to think that Howard Mudd and Tom Moore are the problem, not Ron Meeks. He also agrees with CHFF's take on Warner vs. Manning.

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