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Geno Smith and the "Aaron Rodgers Treatment"


Nope. I'm just a normal IT guy. A computer geek. A nerd minus the pocket protector. A lover of anything BioWare, Elder Scrolls, Madden and BF3 (although Curt Schilling's ex-company 38 Studios put out an awesome game in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning). But more importantly, I'm a Chiefs fan. With the recent signings that Dorsey has pulled off and the #1 pick projection being more elusive and at the same time being aimed at a CB that isn't even half of what Deion Sanders was (and Deion was drafted at #5), I think the argument for Geno can still be played. And it should be, with good reason. (Cont.) Geno Smith and the "Aaron Rodgers Treatment"

If you want something hysterical to read, have a look at this!


I found this over at The Phinsider, the Miami Dolphins' SBNation site. I always wondered what elite quarterbacks chatted about on Facebook... Well not really, but this made me laugh.

What Makes Aaron Rodgers so Good? The Science.


Have you seen what makes an Aaron Rodgers so hard to defend against? Watch "The Science of the Back Shoulder Pass"

Packers Bloopers with Aaron Rodgers, BJ Raji and Clay Mathews


Instant classic one-liners; "Raji, drop it" "Please just get back in your car and leave" "It’s very powerful, mmm-hmm, yes.

Aaron Rodgers, In Depth Interview, Bloopers with Raji and Mathews


Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers QB No. 12 stats, interviews and stories, videos, bloopers, merchandise and more

Analysis of MVP Race


I like how he captures the total turnovers by Rodgers and Brees and shows how those turnovers would impact other stats if taken into account.

Packers draft philosophy in the business world


Article on how Ted Thompson's team-building strategy can be used to create and sustain great companies.

Aaron Rodgers Belt Goes Viral


Great article from Kevin Seifert about all that is the Aaron Rodgers belt. Its everywhere, you might even find one in a happy meal in a city near you at the rate this is going!

Aaron Rodgers is Your Favorite Golden Bear of the Decade

As voted by our readers. Marshawn Lynch finished 2nd, Natalie Coughlin 3rd, Jahvid Best 4th. Check out the writeup from Ohio Bear on this blog post I created for SB Nation Bay Area. In addition, check out this ESPN Magazine feature on Aaron that LeonPowe discovered. I'd say Rodgers is having a good summer. As long as there's no ESPN Magazine curse, we could all have a good reason to look forward to Sundays.
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