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MTD analyzes my 2-round mock


Dan plays a good devil's advocate on some of my picks (and drops some unwarranted compliments my way). Beware the comments, though. In the preview, I had a caveat on the draft order that I should have also had in the mock. The story at MTD devolves mainly into a "There's no way the Jags pick first" thread.

Who is Mel Kiper?


Good read from WaPo. There is a head underneath that hair, and in that head rests some knowledge, applicable or not.

The Sam Bradford timeline, pt.1: on the sidelines


The Sam Bradford timeline, pt. 1 looks at the Oklahoma program from when they recruited Bradford until the end of the 2006 season.

CB prospect Alterraun Verner Q&A at BCC


Big Cat Country has been landing some cool interviews; they just closed out a live Q&A with Alterraun Verner, a name I threw out before the combine. Most Rams-related quote? In response to the three toughest WR he faced: "I will say Desean jackson, steve smith (Giants), And Brandon Gibson"

The PBP: Avery's quickness & the Smash scheme


A piece on the "smash" concept for offenses and how Donnie Avery's speed would fit the scheme.

Official TST nicknames: Steven Jackson


  I'm going to post a couple of these over the next couple of days.  Personally, I'm tired of typing out Steven Jackson's name, so consider this an open thread for nickname ideas, especially if you...

2010 prospect watch - May 16th


With as much traffic as we got this year going in to the draft, I thought it might be helpful this year if we keep tabs on prospects throughout the season.  Consider this a random Ramsdom,...

Referees, and the failure of the NBA


  It's fair to say I was a very serious fan of the Dallas Mavericks for a long time.  I remember following Brad Davis, Rolando Blackman and Mark Aguirre.  I had the only season tickets of any...

2010 Mock Draft, round 1


  Well, the 2009 NFL Draft is over...which means the 2010 NFL Draft is right around the corner!   Since 2010 mocks are already springing up (including Todd McShay's), I might as well throw mine...

This is what happens when you miss a draft


  Well, I missed both rounds tonight due to a military commitment.  My priorities would have seen me at home; my superiors saw me working on a Saturday night.  You're welcome, America.   In any...

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