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Podcast: Talking Tavon & Stedman With Rams Addiction

I sat down for a short podcast with Rams Addiction to talk about the addition of Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey to the St. Louis Rams.

Amateur Hour ~ Chiefs Mock Draft

Amateur Hour boys are back - Ryan Hall and His Dirkness simulate the Chiefs War Room on Draft day. We start with the biggest needs left for KC, and work our way to selecting a player for each of the team's picks. P.S. You may hear a cameo from a certain big-nosed, former KC radio host. Enjoy!

Geno Smith and the "Aaron Rodgers Treatment"

Nope. I'm just a normal IT guy. A computer geek. A nerd minus the pocket protector. A lover of anything BioWare, Elder Scrolls, Madden and BF3 (although Curt Schilling's ex-company 38 Studios put out an awesome game in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning). But more importantly, I'm a Chiefs fan. With the recent signings that Dorsey has pulled off and the #1 pick projection being more elusive and at the same time being aimed at a CB that isn't even half of what Deion Sanders was (and Deion was drafted at #5), I think the argument for Geno can still be played. And it should be, with good reason. (Cont.) Geno Smith and the "Aaron Rodgers Treatment"

What If Drafting a QB Early is Still an Option?

Since the Chiefs have acquired Alex Smith by trade with the 49ers, many Chiefs fans are expressing angst and frustration by the move. Many feel the Chiefs gave up too much for Smith and many feel its time for the Chiefs organization to draft their own QB to develop into the "Franchise QB." In the NFL, anything can happen, and assuming anything can quickly backfire. Here's 1 theory. Call it a long shot. Call it crazy. Call it what you want. (Read more, follow the link) http://www.chiefstomahawkchop.blogspot.com/2013/03/what-if-drafting-qb-early-is-still.html

Amateur Hour ~ Chiefs Mock Draft / Rank the QB's

The title says it all here - Ryan Scott Hall and His Dirkness recap our trip to the Senior Bowl with tales of our (mis)adventures, rank the Top 10 QB's in the 2013 Draft class, and submit a full 7 Round Mock Draft for our Kansas City Chiefs.

Top Free Agents of 2013: A Look at CB

Top Free Agents of 2013: A Look at CB The Chiefs need a top CB to play opposite Brandon Flowers in 2013. The question is, how are they going to acquire that CB? The free agent market? I hope so. There are going to be a number of real good CBs available. The 2013 NFL Draft? I hope they take one there also. Some good CBs coming out of college too. Assuming KC does get a top tier CB, the Chiefs could possibly have one of the best CB duos in the NFL. http://www.chiefs360.com/2013/01/19/top-free-agents-of-2013-a-look-at-cb/#more-1145

If Barret Jones is unavailable, can we draft this guy?

Here's a link to a Yahoo! sports story about a senior center who actually calls the plays for Lousiana Tech. While he might not be ready to start in the pros from day one, I'd like to see Dallas grab a player with those kind of smarts and see what Mike Woicik could do to have him ready to play in 2014.

2013 NFL Draft: Top 8 Offensive Linemen

Two Aggies are in the Top 5 Offensive Linemen Rankings for the 2013 NFL Draft on the NYJD website. Check out where they rank and see the whole list (Top 8).

Top Senior Prospects for the 2013 NFL Draft: MAC

Good summary of the players in the MAC who might have an impact in the 2013 NFL Draft. UB Bulls represented by DE Steven Means.

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