Old quarterbacks never die


If odds makers put a number on the chances of Trent Green's return to the Lou, a bet wouldn't net you much money. Which is to say, I think the Rams reuniting with Trent Green, once again backing up...

Rams to release Isaac Bruce?


No news emerging about Isaac Bruce's status with the Rams for 2008. Here's something to think about though. New offensive coordinator AL Saunders knows Bruce from his days with the Rams during the...

Rams making deals; Soon to make moves?


It's a done deal with Little, as jroman pointed out in the comments to yesterday's post. I'll admit that I was reconciled to the Rams cutting him outright, knowing that they could take an NFL-ready...

Rams approach free agent decisions


Free agency madness starts Friday. Rams fans trying to read the tea leaves for some idea about what the Rams plans are this season need look no further than this quote from the team's new personnel...

Tackle talk


There's some hesitation among the Golden Horned masses about taking an offensive tackle with the second overall pick. I suspect that has something to so with three seasons of "he's okay enough, but...

Spring primary for potential Rams draft picks


Alright, whoever said the combine was boring was probably right.Or were they? The River City Rage, SBN's Jaguars blogger, made the trip to Indy and blogged the whole affair this week. (All I did...

More Vilma trade speculation


Here's a little more insight into the Jonathan Vilma trade possibilities.It's official; the Jets have agreed to let Vilma go looking for a new home. According to sources cited in the article, many...

Rams should watch USC OT Sam Baker at the NFL Combine


Here's a name that could be of particular interest to the Rams for you to keep in the back of your mind as the NFL Combine starts this week.Sam Baker, OT, USC If the Rams opt for one of the elite...

Vernon, know what I mean...


The combine starts this week, and I suspect by this time next week we'll have lots more insight into the Rams plans for the draft...maybe.The general consensus emerging among the chattering classes...

Somebody's watching - and taping - me!


If a former player can sue the coach and owner of a team that allegedly cheated him out of a title, can fans sue the coach/ownership of a 1 or 2 or 3 win team they bought tickets to watch? Might...

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