Cowboys fire Wade Phillips, jump start coaching carousel


Cowboys fire Wade Phillips, jump start coaching carosuel

Monday Night Football: Gamethread


It's been asked for, so here it is! Come in, sit back and relax as you watch the Jets and Ravens and then the Chargers and Chiefs. For all of us who own Ray Rice in our fantasy leagues, let's...

Spring football?


Talk of adding a 17th game to the NFL regular season schedule's gotten more and more play in the last year or so. Needless to say, the league's no closer to adding a game than they were when the...

Odds are...


70/1 for the Rams to win the Super Bowl. 5/1 to win the NFC West.  Hey, after last season, I'll take those odds. The folks over at Bodog were king enough to share some Rams-related stats with us....

OTA: unretired


What's an OTA you ask, why it's an "Off Topic Activity," i.e. something not immediately related to the Rams. Why violate the sacred covenant of TST, a Rams blog, you ask? To jump in with our $.02...

Taxing questions


I'm dancing like Jason Taylor around a few things on the dockett this morning but there's still plenty to talk about, so I've got a few shorter posts ready to go. First things first, let's jump in...

Rams at odds on draft consensus


One thing holding the Rams back from starting negotiations with their second overall pick (now that Miami has wrapped it up at #1) is that the front office and coaching staff is divided on who to...

Rams trade talk picking up steam


Trading the second overall pick has become THE Rams draft topic with just over a week to go. Yesterday there was the report from that the Saints had carried on some "informal" talks with...

The Equalizer


Here's my insta-analysis of the schedule, an on-the-spot, unscientific, completely anecdotal, two cent take. Assuming the team's general health (lightening doesn't strike twice does it?), I see 8...

Mock draft madness!


The Rams portion of the two round SBN mock draft is in the books. Here's the Rams recap:Round 1: Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State Univ. Round 2: Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan StateWe've been over the...


What about Drew Bennett?


There's a lot of pressure on the Rams this season to improve on their disappointing 3 win 2007. For the coaches, the stakes are obvious, but individual players will be playing for their reputations...

Rams vote 'no' on radios for defense


I realize baseball season occupies the minds of so many St. Louis sports lovers. I won't lie; I'm pretty excited about it too. But baseball or not, I still need my football. Football games at least...

Grading the Rams, pre-draft edition


It's going to be a short one from me today. I've got a cold that feels worse than a Grant Wistrom hit and don't want to be anywhere but on the coach complaining about how bad daytime TV really is.T...

Trading down


Let's talk draft day trading this morning. It seems to be a fairly popular option among Rams fans as evidenced by the poll on your right and our community discussion of the first round pick a week...

Finding a new camp ground


You've got to put down your brackets and look pretty hard to find much going on in the football world lately. The free agent market has died down and teams are retreating to their war rooms to...

New approaches to old problems


Now here's an interesting approach to brining in a fullback, something we discussed briefly yesterday.The Eagles, those wacky Eagles, have signed free agent DT Dan Klecko to compete for the...

Bulking up the fullback


One thing an o-line fix might reveal this season is just what kind of player the Rams have in FB Brian Leonard. Without a doubt he can run and catch, and is, by most measures, the Rams #2 runner...

TST Mock Draft - Round Two


The TST mock draft continues with Round Two.Pick-wise, the Rams have the first pick of the second round, since New England forfeited a first round pick thanks to the whole video taping thing. So,...

Rams Go Long: TST Draft, Round One Review,


I have to admit, I was a little surprised at the results. I think we all see about four guys that we could argue should be the second overall pick in the draft. Only a few voted for a pick without...

Rams "wine and dine" Jake Long


Gonna have to settle for a morning quickie. I'm working on pulling together and writing up the results from the first round pick discussion, lots of good ones btw, and will have that for you around...

What about Pacman?


Truthfully, there wasn't much the Rams could have done in free agency. After last year's spending spree proved to be fruitless, signing guys to contracts well above their ability level just isn't a...

Getting centered


It's easy to forget that there are still a few, a few, free agents out there. Yesterday, the Panthers made their former starting center Justin Hartwig a free agent, releasing him and replacing him...

Rams Go Green


Trent Green said that "it was hard to overcome the comfort factor" as part of the pull that led him to sign on as the Rams backup QB.An $8.9 million contract can make a backup QB pretty comfortable...

TST Mock Draft - Round 1


The offseason's kind of like 40 days in the desert, 40 long, brutal days. On the horizon, the draft is the next event of note for NFL fans. We've had a lot of great discussion about the draft here...

Guarded Optimism


Looks like guards are finally getting their due.Good for them.The Titans put singing a guard back in the headlines today with the news that they signed G Jake Scott, from Indy, to a 4 year deal. He...

Rumors to dispell


The Torry Holt to Philly for Lito Sheppard and miscellany rumors were quickly tamped down. Logic should have told everyone that. How can the Rams afford to lose Holt and seriously compete next...

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