Random Ramsdom, 7/2/14: Overpaid and underrated

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Around the league in 80 seconds. It is slow out there folks, but things are happening in the NFL universe. What shall we learn today?

Charges Dropped on Aldon Smith -ESPN

The Rams will be facing a familiar foe after all.

NFC West defense Dominates Fantasy Football -Yahoo Sports

Spoiler alert! Seattle #1, San Fransisco #2, St. Louis #3 and Arizona #7...Will any NFC West players not be on injured reserve at the end of the season? It's gonna be crazy!

The NFL cracks down on facemasks...no the other kind of facemask -NFL

I thought for sure that this article was going to be about more stringent rules on the penalty "facemask"...Nope, it is about the actual facemask, the kind that protects a players face. Kinda strange.

The Cowboys find a replacement for Sean Lee -NFL

Rolando McClain is back on the field as a Cowboy. Just what we can expect from the former #8 overall draft pick is a good question...didn't he just retire?

Pre season quarterback ratings...here we go again...ahem, Bradford debate -NFL

I will go on record here stating that Chris Wesseling's depiction of the Rams and Sam Bradford is seriously skewed. He fails to take into account the change in offensive philosophy that occurred last year just before Bradford's injury and without mentioning that, his thesis falls apart. Research (a.k.a. Google) is your friend, Chris.

U.S. Soccer team dream, comes to an end -Fox Soccer

And so it ends...next time, Belgium...next time.

Party on Johnny! Party on Justin!

15 Players from the NFC West to keep an eye on (hint; get ready for some Ram love) -101 Sports

A full third of these players wear the horns, as compared to four each for Seattle and San Fransisco and just three from Arizona. Some of these are a bit surprising...

Is James Laurinaitis overpaid? -Ramblin Fan

Ramblin' Fan here says it much better than I, but in short JL55 is a workhorse, who has consistently performed every season, every game. His response to the Bleacher Report article, is spot on and his conclusion (after putting the numbers in the proper context) just about says it all...

…oh yea! James Laurinaitis has only missed 13 total defensive snaps since 2009 (out of 5,449).

How 'bout some tunes Rams fans?

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